Who are we saving these days - the power of FEAR

The last couple of weeks or better days have been crazy. We are facing a situation that has never been there before since a so-called virus is threatening the world. A virus that actually exists for years, and has now mutated a tiny bit seems to be enough to make people go nuts.

We are in a world now, where all rights that we have been fighting for the last decades became obsolete within days. The Human rights declaration is worth nothing and we close down public life entirely. People are following these rules without actually asking for evidence. They trust in some people that they probably have never met before, and who they have not even voted.

In terms of the Coronavirus little is actually known. There are some statistics that show us, that people can die. And then there are statistics that state that our health systems might not be well equipped to save them all. But is it really that simple? Can we shut down our countries and banish all rights because of a probability? So-called experts are consulting politicians who have no clue about medical incidents. They execute what a regime has shown them to do. They actually imprison their own people, surveil all their movements and force them to leave their jobs. And then they market all that as the most life-saving behavior we can actually do. Nothing is more important than saving lives....sounds good ha? Now I give you something to think about here:

The majority of countries that close their borders still have so many free spots in their hospitals, that they could easily - if thinking about saving lives were what this is about - save those sick people by flying them out of the regions where they suffer the most. But we are closing down the borders, finger-pointing and staring at our neighbors instead of helping. Article 3 of the human rights declaration states the Right to life, liberty and personal security! I guess no country wants to jump in for their neighbors, do they?

This makes me feel very uncomfortable. If a virus, that killed 8000 people worldwide as of today, has the power to change everything, I feel like we are not acting reasonable anymore.

Today I listened to the speech of a country leader and he stated, that we are in danger, that we need to stand together now, and that the threat of thousands of sick and dying people is rising every day. 4 people died in this country based on coronavirus! 4. In the same country, more than 8000 people die each year because of alcohol, 14.000 because of smoking cigarettes. What is the real virus that is spreading here?

Why is the stock market still running, consuming goods still possible and companies are receiving trillions of euros to pay their 6-7 figure salaries to their management while the working class is already getting laid off and lose their income and their future. Is the power of fear so strong that we can't see what is happening?

Saving lives is what I want above all. But we are not acting like that at all. There are millions of people out there who need our help. Be it those in coronavirus regions where the hospitals are full, be it refugees who run from war zones. Be it those who got their land stolen by global companies to mine on cheap lithium for the energy hunger of a few.

I am not certain who we are saving at the moment, and this makes me afraid. I know that most people think differently. I hope though, that Article 19 The freedom of speech stays valid. Think, trust and act your own way. I just wanted my thoughts to be out there...

Stay together, not as a country, as a planet! Save them all. Peace.