What's next

We are still sitting at home working on our computers, remotely, alone and abandoned from the life we used to live. I don't want to call that normal, because in a lot of ways it was everything but that, but our current situation is more than worse.

When Covid-19 started to spread, and the countries began to close down social life, I was struggling a lot. I began to question the situation, the danger and the people. I felt like we were all tricked into something, so that an invisible force could make a tremendous change to all of our lives without us noticing. Today I know that I was right. And yet, the force remains invisible, and the changes they made were so elegantly executed, that we will never find out what was going on. We just will suffer from the change, from the damage we already faced sitting at home alone. But the trick did not start with the lockdown. The trick started centuries ago, when powerful people installed systems that would lead to a population that was unable to exist without them. They made us dependant on their money, created the fear to lose again their money and kept us busy with entertainment or education they controlled and actually made them money as well. When systems are about to collapse, a sort of chaos arises. Maybe this was, what happened a couple of weeks ago, we don't know. What we know is, that within a few seconds, rights that have been in place for centuries can be worthless. What we know is, that if one shouts out to follow, people will come. What we know is, that people point fingers to those who do not follow, and the media helps them. What we know is that we are not allowed to live an independent, free life on this planet that actually belongs to nobody. What's next then ? Well I don't know and I honestly don't want to know. I doubt that people really learned a lesson. I doubt that we will start to care about nature, use less, fight for our freedom or live a meaningful, sustainable life. I wish this was what will happen next. But I doubt it. What I know though is, that I can try to make all these changes for myself, and I will. No matter what the past was, no matter what others tell me to do. I won't follow. I won't surrender. I will fight for a better place, for my kids, for your kids and for their kids. It is our planet. We ain't be ruled by anybody. Let's make a change.