WE not ME - a mindset change

Updated: Aug 18, 2019

"You do not have to please others. You have to follow your passions. Do what you love. Go out and explore."

These are just some of the quotes we read ever so often when it comes to modern life advice. When you look a little bit closer to these sentences, you will notice, that they have one thing in common. They never mention your counterpart. They never talk about being humanistic. They tell you straight away that only one thing counts and that is YOURSELF.

With this mentality implanted into our brains for generations, we are now facing a world that is full of self-centered people, profit-oriented organizations and corrupt politicians. Nobody has learned to act in an altruistic way, by helping others instead of benefitting from them. Nobody actually thinks that we can stand together to solve the problems in our world. Everybody just thinks that we have problems, but what should one do about it? What can I change, and why should I change, if nobody else follows?

Now the fun fact is, that we have a system of followers in our digital world. So-called influencers strive for strangers to follow their channels. But are they doing it, to create a community that works together for a higher goal? Well, certainly most influencers get paid to post on their channels, they are sponsored by companies that use them to market their products. They are self-centered as well. So they won't make this planet a better world. But certainly, they have more power than our politicians, because they could, if they wanted, act selflessly. They could show others how to care for others instead of taking care of oneself in the first place. They could influence others to follow.

I guess it is a hard nut to crack, and there are for sure humans out there, who live a life that is focused on helping others. But most of us are far away from this behavior. We should start to learn and change our mindset. We should think: WE instead of ME. Because WE can create a holy island full of peace, health, and humanity. WE are stronger than money, a system or religion. WE won't let others drown in the ocean. WE won't sell the water that belongs to everybody. WE won't poison our food, torture our animals, steal our resources. WE would not do that, or would WE?