The art of waiting or why Patience is key for a better life

I have been in the rat-race for a long time, and all I learned since I was a boy was being first is the most important thing in life. A couple of weeks the school half year will end again, and our kids will be sent home with a piece of paper, that tells their parents whether they are ahead of others or behind. 

Our society is so damn wrong when it tries to teach our kids the same mistakes we make. It is more important that the kids learn something they never again need in their lives instead of being allowed to just ask kids questions, and discover the world by trying things out. But what would that mean? 

Well I figured today that this would mean that we all are way way more patient. It would take us longer to get somewhere, and we would fail a couple of times, but eventually we would figure out how to solve a certain task. It would mean, that we start to understand, that running blindfolded after goals is the wrongest thing in life, because it is the journey and the way we go along the given time, that counts, and this will take us somewhere for sure. 

Patience in every aspect of life is an essential lesson we have to take. If everyone would learn to take it easy, go slowly, think about tasks, trying it out, failing at it, doing it again and learning from it, well I guess everything would be so much better. We would not sit at home and surf the web for the latest gadgets. We would not envy our neighbour because he can have more stuff, and we would just accept, that being second, third or last does not make any difference. We would not run after awards, we would not judge our kids by their grades, and we would not rush through our lives. We would be more forgiving with the surrounding people, more mindful with the way we treat our planet earth, and we would know that slowness is more powerful than anything else. Patience creates life. Look at water: when it is calm, it is the source of all good things, but when it is fast, it destroys. 

Be patient guys.