The Times They are a changin'

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

It's been a while since my last update on this site. I was travelling a lot, enjoying to watch my daughter growing up and becoming more and more independent and self aware. These great moments made me think a lot about life in general and how the world that is surrounding us is changing right now. 

I am living in Europe so I am a privileged person. I have no worries about food, shelter or anything else. And yet our people seem to become more and more afraid of losing what they think belongs to them. Hatred is starting to grow and people are on the streets to protest against other people coming to our land. This is frightening especially because we, as Europeans, we have a history that is not too long ago, and we should know better !

Companies continue to ruin the planet in an enormous manner, faster and bigger than anybody can even imagine. They control the governments of our world so that we - the people - are blindfolded by politicians and rules get implemented that help covering what is really going on. We become dependent on this system which is why most people just say: "What should I do, it won't change a thing?".

The world as such is a planet that does not belong to anybody. It provides us food and shelter and without the planet, we would not exist. Everyone on this earth has the same right to use it for his living. Nothing more nothing less. 

I am afraid about the future, about my daughters experience of this world. Will she be able to travel freely, will she be able to walk around in the woods without the fear of toxic air? Will she be able to live off the planet or will she be dependant on some big companies creating food in the laboratory ? Who will she follow ? Will she see clearly ? 

I am not judging or pointing fingers, I just want to make people aware of the change and that it can all go wrong. Maybe not for us, or even not for the next generation, but sooner or later, there will be a severe change if we all do not stop living this way. A life where we exploit our resources, where hatred is surrounding us, where we stop thinking for our own, and let others do the work. This will lead to a broken country, a broken planet and finally a broken life. So wake up guys, since the Times they are a changing' 

#Thinking #Lifelessions #Change