Respect or the most important value you should nurture

Having kids is by far not an easy ride. Quite often the kids are not doing what their parents want and burst out in tears or shout out aloud when they are frustrated by a random situation. When you are amongst others in these kind of situations, a respectful person would for sure try to de-escalate the happening and calm the kids, or simply walk out of the room with the little ones to help soothing the setting.

This is what one might expect of a warm, empathetic and loving human being. If one values to respect others, it is basically a no-brainer to act like this. But most people today are only interested in their own well being. They are incapable of seeing that one might hurt someone else, or that a situation is out of balance and one is giving someone else a hard time. So most people ignore the feelings or behaviors of others, not bothering whats going on. They do not respect their counterparts and are only interested in their own advancement.

Now this time the situation almost escalated because I was personally involved. We were on a visit and our little daughter was afraid of a certain situation. She got scared and wanted to stick as close as possible on my lap. No calming helped and the ones in power of solving the situation just did not act. They ignored her feelings completely. And she is a 2 year old kid that cannot protect herself! No respect whatsoever was given to her, and also to us in this case. And then we took the leap and tried to moderate the daunting situation for our daughter on our own. The reaction was mind-blowing: we were told to lock away our kids if they are scared. No respect whatsoever. I was shocked and did not really understand what just happened.

After a couple of hours I realized that this unrespectful behavior was too much for me. Is our society getting ignorant? Or what did I expect? Well for me one thing clearly came to the surface. If someone is showing no respect or interest whether someone else is doing ok, and even has the power to solve the problem for the one in need but decides to just do nothing, I think I don’t want to be close to such poisonous people. And most importantly I wanna respect others whatever they do, if they behave the same way.