Our purpose is one simple thing

Updated: Apr 26, 2019

In the last couple of weeks I've been confronted a lot with the main western world attitude towards our purpose on this planet. I got to learn that most people I know follow one simple rule: they want to get the best for themselves!

Is this attitude something we have in our nature ? Is this behaviour trained on us from a system that tries to manipulate its population so that the current world won't collapse ?

I don't know the answer to this questions, but I know that it is for sure no natural behaviour at all. People say, look at the animals around you, they follow that rule as well. If they lack on food, they even eat their own breed. Well, this is a shallow look at things, and it does not reflect reality at all. Animals do not want the best for themselves, they simply want to survive. They do not poison the grass that they eat from.

If we people would want to survive, would we really consider buying this polluted food that did fly around the world twice to finally find itself on our breakfast table and then ending up half eaten in the trash can. Is this surviving ? I guess not ! We have forgotten what it is that makes us survive in the first place.

I could write about hundreds of examples here about the desperation for achieving the best next to our real purpose. Here is one more that I got in contact quite recently.

I want to build a small house for our family and we want to go eco friendly, off grid and self-sustaining. Well, this is almost impossible I gotta tell you. Professionals that I ask for support constantly tell me, my plans of, for example, a eco friendly heating system won't work, or that we would need more power than what I was calculating. They tell me that it is not efficient to use solar or that it is simply too expansive to get batteries for storing our collected energy. I tell you what: I do not want the best solution, where I save money and have hot water for a complete football team. I want the planet to survive a bit longer, so that my kids can enjoy Mother Earth and its nature for themselves. I want to protect my surroundings and I don't care about efficiency and the best solution. And this I guess is our real purpose. We should protect our world instead of our money. We should not rely on others to do so, but begin to think on our own and more importantly act on our own. Because our purpose is to survive.

Well and one more thing. Finding your purpose, becoming aware or mindful, that seems to be a big trend right now. Some parents send their kids to training sessions on mindfulness. Come on guys ! Is this really serious what you are doing ? Those people who lead the course, are they helping others to survive or are they just making money ? What does your mindful head tell you about this ?


Next time when someone tells you, that he or she has bought the best gadget, ask one simple question: can your tool save the planet and will it help the planet to survive? Most likely the answer is not Yes.