What is this #vanlife all about

Updated: Oct 24, 2018

A couple of years ago, I was working hard on my career. I wanted to become some great VFX artist, that gets to work on the best movies, and will be well known in the VFX industry. Then, way too early in his life, my dad passed away and my focus shifted. All of a sudden I understood, that you need to make most out of the time given to you and that family and love counts way more than any money or job.  

So I bought a vanagon - T3 bus -  with the intention to travel and have more time out in nature than sitting at home or in an office. The idea was simple but it turned out that I could not really live this way full time, since we became a small family and my wife wanted to work a regular job. So, nevertheless, we decided to go on small weekend trips with the van as often as possible and when we have more time to travel, we enjoy proper vanlife somewhere around Europe. 

It turned out that #vanlife became famous on instagram, and I started to follow a couple of people to get inspired as well. I bought Foster Huntingtons books and rebuilt some parts of our interior based on inspiration I found online. 

 I also want others to see how beautiful our world is, that living minimal in a small space, even with kids, is helping you to get closer together and to focus on the essentials. 

We will continue travelling through Europe, maybe some day, we will have more time on a row, but as we all should know: the best plan is No plan. Since we can only control what is within us, I enjoy what I have right now. My wife, my girl and my Van. 

Oh and about my career. I love working as a VFX Artist, but I don't like to be in the office the whole year. I work when the timing is right. I learned to live with way less than I had before and I do not miss anything. I even decided to get rid of my old portfolio website, where I show off all my work, and promote myself. If someone wants to get to know me or work with me I figured they should know what I think of life and the world instead of my resume. So I will keep on posting nice pictures and writing about all different things that go on in my mind. While doing this I might be sitting in my VAN ! 

#Simplelife #Vanlife