Experience vs Passion: change your mindset to change your life

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

A couple of days ago I had an interesting discussion with a friend that made me think for a while. We argued about what was more important in pursuing a great career , experience or passion. He had the opinion that one needs to get a job as a junior and learn for years to reach the point where one can work in a higher role, leading people or projects. Me on the other side had the opinion that it does not matter how long someone is doing a job. If that person loves what he is doing and is really passionate about it, why not for example leading people right away or take full responsibility for a big project.

After the discussion I had a talk with my wife about the subject and she supported the experience theory as well. Now am I completely wrong or is there a huge difference in terms of mindset, that just won't go along with these two opinions. I mean, take George Lukas, the guy who invented StarWars. He founded a company right out of college and soon later he produced and directed his famous movie, that became one of the most seen films in the world. He had no experience whatsoever, he was just passionate about his project and worked his ass off to make it a success. Take guys like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk or Richard Branson. They have not studied how to make a new phone, electric car or music empire. They just went for it and did it. They learned along the way. Experience is not what brings the success, trial and error is more a key to becoming a great leader or achieving something great. Now all these people have one thing in common. They do not work for someone else, they have no job security or paid vacation. They want to be free and self employed. They create their own projects that lead to own companies. This is probably the mindset thing that I was talking about. Some people want rules and a system where they feel comfortable in. They trust in this environment because it helps them to live a good life. This is fair enough and totally understandable. But it also narrows their imagination to change things and look at defined paths from a different perspective. If you don’t follow the herd, you can still make it. And if you make it you have probably become way more successful than anyone else or you failed entirely and had to choose another path to go. That might be the reason why most people decide to be reasonable and conformal to the group.

For me I learned from this discussion that there are two ways or mindsets how to take on everything in life. You can adjust, learn for a long time and try to become like those seniors who do what you want to do. Or, you jump right in, do it your individual way, create something new and let the others learn that there are different options to get to the same result. It is up to everyone out there to decide which way to go. Both paths are good to go, one might be bumpier than the other but can lead to higher success than you can now imagine.

But ultimately this mindset thing might be the reason for so many problems we face to this date. I guess more people should try to go their own way with the drive and passion to improve our planet, to lead a life with less stuff and to becoming more mindful and living sustainably. Old systems sometimes need to be shaken up to achieve great change. At least this is my opinion.