A value driven Life

I am floating currently. Not sure where to go and what’s next. We have too many options and yet all of them have an uncertainty that won’t let us commit to anything.

But what should one chase in life ? What are the right values we should aim for ? Is value actually the right word for what gives us meaning in life ?

I think that we are living in a value driven society right now. Everything is measured, optimized and monetized. Even the most personal moments are made valuable by filming them with a selfie stick and quickly edited to be published to YouTube the same day. We see beautiful people, successful personalities with a lot of stuff. Having a lot, and the best or the perfect thing, a house, a car, a whatever is important to everybody around it seems. Some people renovate their house, just to conserve the value!? Is this what life is all about?


As I see things, there is no value in things or possessions at all. But still this is what society is looking at. ‚Oh you‘re still renting ? Poor guys, you better buy soon to get the best value for your money.‘ Well, I don’t know who is really poor. Those who only see what they are missing or those who enjoy what they have.

Currently I am staying in my van with my family and it is, to say the least, not relaxing or an easy ride at all. We are in a tiny VW vanagon, so space is limited. The weather is pretty cold outside and at night we have to share one tiny bed. But it took us 2 days to adapt and to understand once again that this is the most valuable thing we have. Time to be close with our family and loved ones. We don’t need more. Is it moments that count ? Is it time that we should chase ? Time can’t be extended, you got one chance and your journey here is as long as it is meant to be. So maybe we should all start to make every second valuable by just understanding that only this one moment is what is important.

You will for sure be alone at the beginning when living differently but others will follow and if not, they wasted their time.