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Back in 2002, Franz Brandstaetter started to create CGI projects. Rooted in 3D animation, I soon specialised in Compositing and Postproduction. Working on HighEnd Print campaigns for the automotive industry, finishing SuperBowl Commercials and winning an Academy Award for BEST VFX in a Feature movie rounds up a pretty great ride in the last 20 years. For me, its all about the ART not about the technology. 
Why "Der Inselstaat" is what I get asked quite often. Well the answer is easy. I am a very different artist and sometimes this makes me feel like being somewhere else, like on a remote island. I do my own thing, striving for great images, fast and easy yet astonishing results. My whole life is based on individual design, custom builds and just living a good simple live by not following the herd. That is why my life feels like on my very own Inselstaat. 

Contact me for creative Collaboration.

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